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Established only four years ago by CEO Frédéric Tomé – a Parisian living in Valencia – Spain, Riluxa are very quickly becoming synonymous with Artisanal bespoke luxury bathroom furniture and a desirable and essential supplier amongst interior designers and high end developers alike.

We caught up with Nick Mitchell Creative & Content Director for Riluxa to chat about the artisanal quality of their products and how they differentiate themselves from the noisy crowd of other high end bathroom suppliers.

What key factors have been responsible for the driving growth of the brand to date?

We essentially retail luxury bathroom products of artisanal quality in DuPont Corian, solid surface, marble and wood which can be ordered online fully customisable at the click of a button with a level of simplicity and expediency akin to that of a retailer selling off-the-shelf products.

You mention the customisable aspect, is this just simply choosing a material and colour or do you drill down further into Minutiae?

The service is fully made to measure – Autocad drawings are included if the client wants them with an absence of complication and a level of efficiency to what can usually be a very long and drawn-out process for architects, interior designers, fitters, house builders and individuals looking to work with luxury bathroom products. It’s also more cost-effective than sourcing products via an artisan, who will design the product and then pass it onto another company to build it for them – there are fewer people in the ‘food chain’ as it were, so the saving is passed onto the client. Like those of an artisanal provider, our products ooze luxury and that essential bespoke quality, but unlike individual craftspeople, we are able to repeat the same design over and over again at a few clicks of a button and you can see up-front how much each product is going to cost right there on the website (a luxury not usually afforded clients who seek out an artisan).

Riluxa Bathroom Luxury
Lofty Black – Recently nominated for an Archiproducts design award.

Your ranges feature some rather bold colours of Dupont™ Corian, are you finding this is getting more popular as luxury developers seek to distinguish developments with more courageous and audacious interiors?

White is still the most popular – and Glacier White Corian is our biggest selling colour because it is simply beautiful. However, we are seeing a marked increase in interest in colour Corian. The reason for this is simply the availability of all these wonderful new Corian shades and textures, which are drawn from nature and bring a whole new range of design possibilities to luxury bathrooms. You’ll find everything from Mahogany Nuwood and chocolatey Cocoa Prima to the astral wow-factor of Cosmos Prima and the bold statement colour of Imperial Yellow.
It’s an exciting time because these new shades of Corian are easy to clean (warm soapy water is all it takes) and have a real high-end look and feel (the texture of Corian is amazing). So the whole way people are starting to look at bathroom design is changing as a result. I think the UK will be a real leader in developing the new style possibilities, too, because hasn’t it always been?

Riluxa Corianders Sink
An example of Bold Colours of Dupont™ Corian

Products from Riluxa are already gaining award level notoriety (Lofty Black pictured above recently was nominated for an Archiproducts design award) tell us about the other brands you partner with.

We work with a number of highly regarded luxury brands – you will find Betacryl, Fiora, Krion and Silestone products on the Riluxa website, to name a few. Yet the vast majority of our sales are of our partner Galfia’s products (new website just launched at, making these products available to showrooms and retailers across the UK in addition). The Galfia factory is located in Valencia, Spain and, such has been the demand for Galfia products (four years of exponential growth, here at Riluxa), it moved to a much bigger new factory at the end of October. 
Each Galfia piece is designed in-house by their team of designers but, when purchased via Riluxa, allows full customisation possibilities for the client or customer. If a client needs a specific model with a sink 3cm bigger than the standard model, located 2cm to the left of where it normally sits and on a countertop that’s a bespoke length and width, all of that is made possible by specifying those dimensions when placing the order. The pieces are then delivered free of charge to the client or customer within a pre-determined timeframe. We never over-promise and we always aim to over-deliver.

Riluxa Bathroom Products

You are making a serious entry in to the UK luxury bathroom retail market what do you perceive is essential to this particular foray?

In terms of the future and our place in the UK market, it’s a simple question of quality. So far as we’re aware, there’s currently no one else out there offering the level of perfectionism that we are with the same expediency and price point. These are exceptional products for people who want the very highest level of quality, delivered within a reasonable timeframe and at a price point that, whilst very much targeted at the luxury market, belies the build quality and design standards. I should close by saying that these are our benchmarks for luxury: stunning design, outstanding build quality and tailor-made to client’s exacting standards. 

Riluxa Pioneers in Luxury Bathroom Design

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